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The Art of How to Make a Conversation

Thursday, August 16, 2012

If you are timid, shy and self conscious and have difficulty talking to strangers. This little mini course in how to make a conversation can help you tremendously.


Here are the 10 topics suggested by the 9 letters of the word "WONDERFUL". All the letters in that word represents topics for you to talk about.

Here we go!

W for WEATHER Without question this topic starts more conversations than any other, with both friends and strangers. It's the easiest to slip into and slip out of. It's non controversial - can't offend anyone or start an argument. True, it isn't an interesting topic and can't continue for a full conversation, but it isn't intended to. It's a mere entering wedge, an ice breaker to tell others you want to be friendly and break the silence. It usually leads to other topics -to something more interesting. But if it doesn't strike a spark, glide over to

O for occupation or work. Most people feel more at home talking about their work than any other subject. They know more about it than about other subjects. They can talk with confidence since they know more about it than most others know. They spend more time at work than any other activity. It's a great contact maker. Knowing what kind of work a person does tells more about him than anything else except possibly his age. It usually suggests other topics. But if no spark, switch to

N for News. Everybody is interested in news - local, state, national and world. The radio, TV's, and newspapers have made all of us news conscious. Hardly a day passes but some bit of news makes us want to share it with anyone we meet, friend or stranger alike. But if still no spark go to

D for Dining. Everybody is interested in dining or eating, both at home and out. Many long and interesting conversations are held on this topic alone.

This letter, D, also suggests DRIVING. Almost everybody drives today. Millions of conversations are held on the subject of driving - accidents, traffic conditions, highways, transportation and dozens of other incidents associated with driving. Makes of cars alone are a topic that keep many folks busy for hours.

E for ENTERTAINING This includes all forms of recreation, movies, theatres, sports, games, vacations, fishing, hobbies, etc.

R for RADIO & TV In the last 24 hours everyone has heard something over the radio or TV that's interesting. Unless an item interests a certain number of people it doesn't get on the radio or TV. Many whole conversations are based on items heard on the radio or TV. F for FAMILY The Reader's Digest poll showed the subject of Family ranked third in interest among its readers. This suggests parents, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.

U for Uplift This one differs from the other nine in that it communicates without spoken words. By some mental law, so far not clearly understood, we usually instinctively "feel" what others are thinking about us. So, when in the presence of another think to yourself: "l wish you well. I think you're WONDERFUL. I'd like to know you better." This silent message will communicate itself to that person. How? I don't know - nor do the para-psychologists who are making it a life study like Dr. Rhine of Duke and the experts in Moscow and London. And more often than not, this silent message on our part will suggest something to say in line with our uplifting thoughts.

L for LOCATION Where do you live or work? Where does your listener live or work? Where have you been -Florida, California, Europe, the mountains, the shore? How do you prefer to travel - plane, train, ship, auto, bus; Endless fodder for conversation.

Let this CONVERSATION ALPHABET WONDERFUL be your standby. W Weather O Occupation N News D Dining D Driving E Entertainment R Radio and TV F FAMILY U UPLIFT L LOCATION places, travel

Once you have mastered it - memorized it so thoroughly that you can repeat the 10 words in one and a half seconds, You'll never again be at a loss for something to say to friends or strangers You will probably go out looking for people to talk to.

10 words in one and a half seconds,

You'll never again be at a loss for something to say to friends or strangers

You will probably go out looking for people to talk to.